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Romo says the first batch is in the chute...should be lots of TP-008s shipping over the next week or two.

 Everybody  watch the skies for the *AIR DROP*.
 That is good news.

Just got my Quantum View notice from UPS. Delivery is scheduled for tomorrow. I'll be Waltzing with Debby.   Larry

mine is scheduled for Thursday delivery......i cannot wait to compare TP-008 on the Studer to my 45rpm Lp re-issue on the Rockport. this Lp sounds great and should provide a SOTA Lp reference to measure the tape against.

on Sunday i compared my pristene RR Lp of the Arnold Overture to the tape. i had always liked the Lp and considered it a very good sounding pressing. the Tape stomped the Lp in every way......it was like a different recording.

Oh my god! I've been in digital land all day (I have a couple of days off) and I've got my whole system pulled apart with probes sticking out of the open chassis and patched in strange ways. I can see I'll be busy tonight! (At least I haven't started redoing the crossovers in my speakers yet)
This thread should be burnin' in a few weeks too!
BTW A few of the other release specific forums here are a little,.. thread bare? It's been a little while since Doc started these so I'd like to remind everyone that these are meant to be a resource for subscribers who aren't getting every Tape Project release. If we say a little about each release (mini reviews) than it'll help those folks make decisions about the ones that they want to try. Think of it along the lines of those "owner impressions" that the online cable or gear manufacturers have on their sites. I usually read those when I'm considering buying something I haven't had a chance to listen to. Of course it's best for them to download it but I'm sure you'll agree, that can only give a pale idea of what the tape version will sound like.

Woo Hoo!!!!!
I can't friggin wait!


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