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Not that this really needs to be said, but if there ever was a must have, this has got to be it. Of course, my being a huge Bill Evans fan may have a tiny bit to do with this. Being a fan does mean that I have all the reissues (I could never afford the kinds of prices the originals are commanding today) and they don't stand a chance IMHO. Scott LaFarro's bass is so defined and you just know that you're hearing it all for the very first time. And the separation between Evans' piano and the rest of the trio is so spot on that even on headphones, it seems like you could lean over to the left and hear just that little bit more. I think that these tapes have spoiled us to the point that the "being there" thing is almost pass'e. One of the main reasons that this release has always been an audiophile fav is the detailing and the sense of place that it conveys. The clinking of glasses and the low level conversations that would normally be considered a distraction are part of the charm. There's a couple of squeaks on " My Foolish Heart" that I've always wondered about. They sound too high pitched to be from a chair but after hearing the tape, I think that it may be the squeak of a corked bottle being opened. And it sounds like it's coming from the direction of what I now believe to be the bar. I'll let you know if it's Re'my Martin or Johnny Walker after the second listen.
Don't even think about it,.. just buy it!

I'll not think about it, but what bottle of wine do I buy?
I ran out of selections so TP009 is the jazz LP ^H^H^H  tape
for me.I am glad you like it.


TP008 is an unqualified home run!!!

i'm guessing no one is surprised about that. a first class 15ips master dub of argueably the most popular live Jazz trio album of all time should be outstanding; and it is. i agree with all of Ironbut's comments.

what struck me first was the level of realism from a 47 year old recording. from the very start i was there seated in a stage center table; with Evans piano just to my right up on the stage and LaFaro's bass to my left.....and Motian a bit back and left of center. every tiny nuance was there and the subtlety of everything was spooky. like Ironbut; i had the feeling that this was the complete picture of how it was. i have many Bill Evans recordings. i've never heard the nuance and subtlety of his playing like this. the fingering of the keys was magical. really; the same with LaFaro. it was so intimate feeling i was out of my listening comfort zone and i was trying to get my bearings. it seemed to cross over into really real territory. made the hair stand up and all that. looked over my shoulder a few times.

there was nothing between me and them. no mics or recording chain was evident.

the brush work from Motian had this delicate 3-dimentionality to it and such micro-dynamic life. the whole recording has such an alive level of dynamic realism.....unveiled and natural.

everything had such a natural place in space front to back, side to side, and top to bottom. nothing cookie cutter, just real life in real space. i'm assuming that as close to the original event as this is everything is in perfect phase. just music.

and oh, what music. perfect sound meets inspired playing; with historically great synergy and talent. three guys at their individual musical peaks.

i had intended to write mostly about how this compared to the AP 45rpm Lp reissue.....which was my reference for 'Waltz for Debbie'. i have been eagarly anticipating doing the comparison to see how a 45rpm Lp played on a top level tt compared to 'The Tape Project' 15ips 1/4" version played on a top level RTR deck. but after doing the comparison, it's easy to hear how the tape is better in every way and the 45rpm Lp (as good as it is) is not really close to this level of realism. my focus did change more to just talking about what this tape provides the listener in terms of a game-changing personal musical journey.

some specifics on the 15ips tape/45 rpm comparison.

the most significant thing is the level of clarity. you compare the 45 to the 33 or the SACD and the 45 has clearly better clarity, texture and nuance. the 45 has this wonderful fullness and naturalness. it seems very vivid and alive. then you play the 15ips tape and your jaw drops. suddenly the dirty window has openned and reality appears before you.

and the open window has more than just more detail. it also contains better dynamic contrasts, a much better sense of venue and action in space. the air pressure of the room changes as the whole room becomes energized.

all the rich ambient clinking of the glasses and little noises become much more real, each individual clap in the claping after each cut becomes real and distinct. this is a whole new ball game of 'you are there'.

the 45 and the tape share the spot-on tonality. but you are drawn much more into the intimacy of the music with the tape by the degree shading of that tonality.

this recording is so relaxed and easy to listen to in any format.....which is a good part of it's charm. on the tape it becomes a place you have gone and the world falls away.

TP008 begs to be played on the very best possible RTR player.

congrats to Doc, Paul and Romo for the wonderful job they have done here. WOW and double WOW!

if anyone is even thinking about getting into RTR tapes this would be a great place to start. the best music meets the all time best consumer format.

I sure wish mine would get here soon, as I am a huge B.E. fan myself and have many of his recordings; even some on tape. Debbie is one of my all time favorites I am so lookin forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please guys ship mine soon.


Just completed my first listen. What a wonderful experience, even for a non jazz person. Not just a "you are there" feeling, but a mellow "in the moment" feelling, transported back almost 50 years to 1961. I'm not a jazz person, but this was great. I'll be more analytic later with comparisons with the Analogue Acoustics reissue and the SACD. BTW, I heard side B first, then with a nice glass of Remy Martin VSOP from Costco, side A.   More later.   Larry


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