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I noticed the other day when I was playing my (Robert Cray) tape, that the music begins as soon as the white leader passes the head block. Has anyone else noticed the same with their (Robert Cray0 tape? Seems like there should have been some blank tape between the white leader and when the music starts.


Jay, is that tape A?  I just put my tape A of the tape on and the music starts about 4 secs after the white leader. I haven't tried tape B yet. Four seconds is about 5 feet. That seems OK to me.  Sounds like yours is much closer to the white tape. Larry

Yes Larry,
It is about 1-2 seconds after I push play. Yes it is the A tape.


Jay, I did tape B after listening to tape A last night. That one has about 1 1/2 seconds after the white leader before it starts.  Larry

High and Outside:

I have responded to this in the other thread where you asked about it, http://www.tapeproject.com/smf/index.php/topic,796.0.html


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