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Author Topic: Time to thin the herd - Big Red for sale!  (Read 2763 times)

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Time to thin the herd - Big Red for sale!
« on: January 29, 2009, 03:03:16 PM »
I've got more tape machines than I have hands to run them or ears to listen. My Nagra T-audio on its big roll around is now the main machine here in our small listening room at Chateau Bottlehead. Xavier has kindly purchased my languishing Nagra 4.2, and now it is time to put Big Red, our custom red RS1500 up for sale.

Big Red is the RS1500 with a custom red paint job by Jeff Jacobs of J-Corder that is pictured on the machines page of the web site. It's also pictured on Jeff's site, called the Cherry Bomb.
It has our tape path mod, our IEC power cord upgrade, our upgraded brake pads and red anodized Darklabs NAB hub adapters. Right now there is a stock headblock on it. This could of course be configured however you like, stock heads can stay or for $650 we could put an extended response two track playback head on for you. The machine is in beautiful shape.

The machine is being sold with my personal Tube Repro. This baby has a red anodized front panel that was done specifically to go with Big Red and it's red anodized hub adapters (all red rather than the red and silver ones shown in the photo - looks mo' betta'). It is a demo unit and had a small accident - one of the rear corners was dinged when it was under construction. It doesn't affect performance and you can't see it from the front. It's nicely broken in and sounds great - most recently we used it at CES this year. I'm having another Repro made that will match the cosmetics of my Nagra T, so this one needs to find a new home.

Big Red was a $4000 custom from J-Corder and we did another $700 worth of upgrades. I think Jeff is selling something painted like this for even more $ these days. A Tube Repro is also $4000 retail. This smokin' setup is priced at $6500. Call us at 360-697-1936 to grab it. I'll get more pics up soon.
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