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Hi all...I can't remember if I posted info on Michael Gore's repair shop here in San Francisco and wanted to make sure I let folks know about him.  He runs the Bay Area Studio Engineering (BASE) http://www.Analogrules.com and repairs Studer, Ampex, Revox and Otari's...sometimes TEAC and Tascam too.  I think most of his work is for studios, but is also happy to do work for us "audiophiles" too.

To date, he's worked on my 810 and B67, using the Tape Project Alignment tape and 468 tape for bias.  I just got my B67 back and like wow!  I?m listening to a crappy dub of Melanie?s ?Leftover wine? album and the high-end sparkles like it never has and her voice doesn?t get shattered in cross-talk.  There was new crispness in the drums and i can even hear bits of movement in the studio that I hadn?t heard before?way kewl!  He's working on my two PR99's currently and I'll let folks know how they turn out.

He's also pretty good about keeping Gear Acquistion Syndrome (GAS) in check and consistently tells me that I've got a great machine in the 810 as I drool over the C37's that pass thru his shop - tee - hee!


Studer Fool:
So, care to give us your subjective sound comparison between your B67 and your 810?

Studer Fools wanna know!


I'll have to get back to you on that one...the B67 is hooked into a Klipsch home speaker system while the 810 is hooked up to a valve amp Klipsch CWIII's...I think the 810 sounds a bit more sophisticated and warmer, while the B67 have a really tight crisp image.

What will be interesting once I get my Seduction kit put together is comparing the 810 to a "Bottlized" Technics 1500.  They'll be in the same system and easier to access....Hopkins

I did a bit of comparison listening and I have to say that the B67 sounds a bit tighter/brighter then the 810...but not by much.  The 810 feels like it handles tape gentler and more controlled compared the the B67.  Anyone else have experience comparing the two?

If you saw a Studer C37 at BASE recently, it's probably mine. NOS butterfly heads. Can't wait! Perhaps I'll eventually have him do my Studer B67, and Presto 825, as well.


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