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I just finished a prototype IR remote for the RS1500. It controls play, FF, REW, pause, stop, REC. It could also be set up to control reverse on an RS1700, and I suspect I could rig it to control the power switch on-off.

It's really fun to sit back and cue up a song from my listening chair. I'll work up a proper housing (my prototype receiver is in a little hinged top wood box sitting on top of the RS1500) and some pricing.

Just checked, and an RP-070 remote on ebay recently went for $325.


I think I can do a nice rack mount IR receiver powered with a wall wart (that one used D-cells! what a PITA!) for that price - and possibly add on-off function.

That was quick! Personally, I don't really see a need for an on/off for a r2r just like I don't see a need for one on a turntable.  I never leave a reel of tape threaded, just like I never leave a record exposed to the elements. So I have to make a personal visit to it at the beginning of each listening session. I guess I could see it for recording but I usually let ss gear warm up as long as posable. If you could keep the cost down, I think every RS series owner in the world would consider buying one a no brainer.

As always a large part of the cost is the cabinet, so it will depend on what we come up with to house it. The one real challenge is that I haven't been able to find the oddball 12 pin plug that fits the wired remote socket, so I would probably need to have something custom made.

Geeze! I see what you mean about that plug! I just spent a little time surfing around and looking at catalogs to see if one exists for other uses. There were lots of 11 pin remote plugs ( Sony, Sansui,Teac ) but the only other 12 pin is Otari and it's a rectangular plug with spades. obsoletemedia.com has a short blurb on dummy plugs that have to be used for the deck to operate. I would think it would be easier and cheaper to just bite the bullet and rewire the female to something like a computer 15 pin socket and use the appropriate plug. I wouldn't think that it has to carry much voltage so it should work and you can get the ones with the securing screws so it won't pull out by accident. BTW, the above site doesn't have a whole lot of info but it does have a section with pictures and specs on a few common consumer r2r's including Technics.


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