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Hi...I received the attached lists of folks providing service for Studer machines from the Harman Pro North America rep.

Jack Clark at JM Technical Arts does some Studer work...I'm putting my bets on him and having a B67 I won on Ebay sent to him for service.  I'll let folks know how that goes...


Hi all --- it looks like no activity on this thread in 120days...hmmm...FYI, if you need Studer work in the Bay Area, you might want to contact Angel Gentchev.  He's pretty busy these days with a 9-5 job, but he seems to really know Studers and has been great in reviving mine from the brink of UPS damage.  He has a store on ebay under reelproaudio and he has a web site at:  http://www.reelproaudio.com/  I don't know how up to date his site is, but I see its' still there....

I bought my first machine from him and he's been great steering me along...I have to laugh because when I first met him, he wanted to sell me an A810 which I couldn't even comprehend.  Anyhow, its' a year later and I have one!!!

Thanks Ironbut for reminding me to update this!

Would like to add that Mr. Steve Smith also repairs the Studer B-67 recorder. His main focus remains all Studer recorders. He worked for the Studer factory for over 20 years and 15 years as an independent tech. He says he loves working on Studer tape recorders.

Addendum: On January 17, 2008 I spent 45 minutes speaking via phone with this fine southern gentleman. What an exciting phone call. Here is a man who is obviously very busy with a Studer recorder on the workbench, yet he took this time to answer my many questions about the Revox C-270, Studer A-820/827 and the Studer B-67 recorder. I has specific questions about each of these recorders and Mr. Smith answered each one fully.

I was immediately impressed Mr. Smith's love for what he does. He talks about making each Studer recorder as brand new. Mr. Smith comes accross as a man who is not only dedicated to his work but is also commited to doing the very best repair he can on every Studer recorder that comes into his shop. This fine gentleman is also prepared to relap tape heads as well as overhaul recorder motors. He appears to be a man for all seasons.

He shared with me that Studer/Revox did not make many of the C-270/274/278 recorders. He also informed me that these recorders were complete new designs. Studer did not use any parts from their earlier recorders which means that parts for any C-270 that needs repair will be hard to come by. This is important information for me since I had planned to purchase a C-270 this weekend. I am so blessed to have been able to has speak with this gentleman and length. I am convinced of this gentleman's sincerity. As soon as I purchase a Studer recorder Mr. Smith gets to do whatever it takes to make it as new. You may contact Mr. Smith at his work address and telephone number below.

Steve Smith
564 Singer Drive
Madison, TN 37115
[email protected]

Bob W.

Ki Choi:
Thanks to heideana's list of authorized Studer techs in the West Coast, I found Steve Culp at Triad Studios in Redmond WA - located only 20 min. from where I live. 

Steve is a very nice person who went to Studer in 1999 for factory training and had been working on Studers, Sonys, Ampex's, etc. ever since.

My portable A810 is getting an overhaul with new power caps and fine tuning to be put back to the original factory spec.

Steve's rate is $65 per hour in his shop and $75 per hour plus mileage during house calls!  I will consider inviting Steve to my house to give my Sony APR-5003 a check up.

It was a SIGN that Steve was so near where I am.  I will not need to take a chance and spend huge expenses in shipping the Studer A810 anywhere for the future.  Thus, A810 is a keeper.


Hello Ki,
Welcome to this great family of enthusiasts. We love our music and tape recorders. Tell me, what are you using your Sony APR 5003 for primarily? I plan to use my 5002 for playback and music transfers. Thanks again for joining us.

Bob W.


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