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Author Topic: Listen to TP tapes in Chicago  (Read 5355 times)

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Listen to TP tapes in Chicago
« on: May 14, 2009, 06:12:29 PM »
Musical Artisans 2nd show of 2009 featuring Luxman electronics, and the Vivid Audio loudspeakers was a remarkable success.  I flew in to co-host the show, and helped put together an ensemble of super-fidelity audio components as well as two track analogue master tape to showcase the edge of the art sound.

The Luxman MQ-88 / CL-88 with a DU-80 driving the Vivid B-1 sounded absolutely spectacular. It didn't hurt that we had the SonoruS modified Revox PR99 mk III playing master tapes which left people in awe. Music lovers shook their heads in disbelief at Hugh Masakela's Stimela - The Coal Train To Namibia with its whooping &  wailing; even the little Vivids handled the 20dB dynamics with aplomb !  The crescendos were like a train rushing through the room. Everyone has heard this track countless times I am sure on CD & LP, but hearing a dupe from the master tape is truly like sitting in the concert. The funniest reaction to this system was the number of people who went looking in the kitchen for a hidden pair of large subwoofers - all they managed to find was the trash can !

The Tape Project kindly lent us some compilation tapes from Series II - I particularly like the Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane. I am dying to hear the upcoming RR titles.  We also have the Best of Jacintha on tape - breath taking. (our thanks to Groove Note).

SonoruS  were kind enough to put together a virtual surround sound tape that is played back through two speakers - a wonderful test to see / hear if your speakers are in phase. Source - DVD-Audio & SACD multi-channel played back on a SonoruS modified Luxman DU-80 into a SonoruS preamp that takes the 5.1 information in the analogue domain and converts it into a two channel output, which was fed to a Studer A810 for recording duties onto two track 15 ips tape.  The end result is that on certain music you can hear musicians play off to the wings, while others play in front of you, like a normal stereo reproduction. The Big Phat Band is absolutely spectacular, while Kraftwerk manage to put audience cheering & sound effects behind your head.  To get the full effect you do to sit equi-distant between the two speakers.

By popular demand Musical Artisans 2nd show of 2009 has been extended for another week. Don't take my word for it; if you live in Chicago, drop by either on  Friday the 15'th between 4 -8:00pm or on Saturday, the 16'th between 1 -6:00pm - call Ricardo Reyes for details at 847-877-2791.

Hope I wasn't too long winded, thanks for your forebearance,

Philip O'Hanlon - TP Charter Subscriber.  EAR Technics 1520 - fully loaded. Sonorus ReVox PR99 mk II & mk III. Brinkman Balance w/ Van Den Hul Colibri, Luxman PD-444 - SME 3012R w/ Zu Denon 102  & Triplanar mk. VII w/ Ortofon Kontrapunkt C. EMT 931 / 929 w/ TS15. Loricraft record cleaner.

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Re: Listen to TP tapes in Chicago
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2009, 08:42:59 PM »
Nice post Phillip! It sounds like a you guys had a great time and I'm dying to hear more of the Series ll tapes myself (we probably heard similar samplers).
I really dig the ways those sound treatments look but unfortunately, I'd have to change everything else in my living room for them to look as cool as your picture.
Thanks for sharing.
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