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Studer A810 BIN file for 25/91 version firmware

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Ki Choi:
Hi all:

In the middle of night excitement and carelessness, I accidently damaged one of my firmware chips in my Studer A810.

A810 IC10 (1.810.999.24) bin file is in desparate need...  It is the latest 25/91 version with checksum 9744.

As I was trying to back up my Eproms from the A810 MPU board, the IC10 must have been damaged.  I had successfully backed up the IC12 and IC14 but am in dead in the water without the proper IC10...It has checksum of 9666 now and not working...

Please let me know if you have a copy of the BIN file you can sent to me.


Ki Choi:
I had also inquired about sourcing the IC10 firmware BIN file to other pros and Studer users who had multiple A810s.  No one had archived the various firmware versions so far...

It had occured to me - the machines like Studers that used commonly available electronics parts for their boards in the 70's and 80's can be serviced in the future with vintage parts from other electronics gear and other Studers.  However, for the firmware - it will be hard to replace once Studer officially stops supporting the analog machines in 2010.   So until then, the firmware IP belongs to Studer and can't be publically archived and distributed.

For my original needs, fortunately, Angle from this fourm had offered to loan me the MPU board with the version of firmware I was looking for and soon I will rebuild the library of 25/91 version firmware BIN files.

With unfortunate demise of the Studer List, I am considering archiving collection of different firmware versions for Studer A810, A807, A820 and other models.  So, if you own a Studer recorder and want to archive your firmware, please contact me.  I may already have the BIN files but if not, I can help you extract the data and save them as BIN files to be used later to burn replacement firmware Eproms.


Excellent idea, Ki! Someone (yeah probably me, but I don't know how to go about it) needs to do the same for the Nagra T. Perhaps I could persuade you to show me the procedure some time.

Wow! Important-important-important!
I guess this is the kind of thing that you don't really think about unless you have a machine with micro-processor capabilities. I know I used to just skip over the numerous posts on the Studer list regarding these issues. I hope to someday have these issues though. That and the fact that 2010 will be here before you know it makes this thread a very,.. can I say important just one more time?

Doc, do you know if there were very many versions of the firmware for the "T"?

Nope, I haven't delved into it at all yet. My first exposure to the idea that I'd better do something for backup came when I mentioned to Mike Spitz that I had picked up a Nagra. He says to me "Yeah, I guess that Nagra is a nice machine - until your Eprom dies."


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