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Studer A810 BIN file for 25/91 version firmware

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Ki Choi:
Hi Doc,

Hope the "Eprom dies" event never happens to anyone who likes R2R machines. 

I figure all the mechanical parts can be machined with enough time and efforts and other electronics parts can be sourced one way or the other but the firmware...  I don't think the eprom will die on its own.  The issue is when one has PS failure in the machine - especially when the regulator doesn't work anymore and send higher than spec'ed Vcc to Eproms, it will fail.  Some of the younger machines I found to have CMOS Eproms.  Although CMOS chips are more stable in the properly working circuit than the older Eproms, they are more sensitiveto spikes and static electricity, in my experience. 

It would be my pleasure to show you how archive the chips when I visit.  Since you had offered to teach me on how to use the TD420 for alignment and calibration, I could do the work for you in exchange... that is if you feel comfortable about me taking out the T's eproms to extract the data...;-)

I have also contacted Richard Hess about archiving Sony APR firmware versions.  He is very interested but is cautious about the IP legality.  As long as I own the machine and not looking to commerical gain, I believe I shoud be ok.

For the Studers, the Audiohouse in Swiss still sells the complete sets of the latest firmware.  Unfortunately, the latest version firmware would not work on all the MPU boards.  So if one wants to get the older version firmware to match his/her older MPU board (pre 1988), one is SOL...


Thanks Ki,

I will look into where Nagra's maintenance obligations stand. Not sure when they quit making the T, nor am I sure how many different firmware versions there may be. Maybe Dan Dugan might know...

Hi Ki and all
I was thinking for a while about this subject (the perspective of not working R2R because of dead EPROM).
I have two A812 so if you can give me instructions, I can try to backup the software from my machines (and of course make them available to other 812 users).


Ki Choi:
First step is to identfying which version of firmware you have in your A812s.  Since there are no know record of the firmware being archived, you need to see if the version is 14/90 for A812 MkI or 15/97 for A812 MkII.

You can either take out the Master MPU card out of the rack and read the label on your firmware chips or turn the power on and monitor the LCD display for the version.  If your A812s have the latest version firmware, then we know the checksum values.  Assuming you have no Time Code or Serial Remote cards, the A812 has almost as many firmware chips as A820.  You have 5 to archive.  There are three in the Master MPU card, one in the Tape Deck Control card, and one in the Capstan Control card.

Secondly you need an Eprom programmer and Eprom eraser.  The A812s use mostly 27128 eprom chips.  These chips were plentiful in the 80's but now it is not so easy to obtain them.  I ended up going to eBay and buying them in small quantities.

Thirdly, you extract the chips from the cards and load them one-by-one into Eprom programmer and "read" its content into buffer.  You then save the buffer data as BIN file. Store the BIN files.

If you want to create back up firmware chips, you would then load the BIN files into buffer and burn using same type blank Eproms.


Hey Ki, what do you know about the eproms in the Otari BIII-2.




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