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Music Technology, Inc.
5418 Port Royal Rd.
Springfield, VA 22151

703-764-7005 ext 107
[email protected]

Specialties:  Tascam BR-20
                 Technics RS-1500
                 Otari MX-5050
                 Revox B77, PR99

We can convert internal EQ circuits from NAB to IEC.  Our tech has 37 years experience in RTR repair.

Although I have no first hand experience with Music Technology, they are pretty well known and come highly recommended from Conrad Johnson users. Bill is an ex-CJ employee and pretty much the man for upgrades and repairs on the east coast.

So, Steve, who is Mike?  The former CJ employee that is the go to guy on the east coast?  I have a friend with an Otari who needs his deck serviced... he is in Atlanta, but maybe would ship his 5050...


Hey Phil,
I was actually talking about Bill Thalman (sp?). He is pretty well know for working on Conrad Johnson amps/preamps.
I'm sure if your buddy beats the bushes a reel to reel tech will scurry out in Atlanta.
I used to live there and there were some pretty big recording studios down there. Not that far from there, Nashville will certainly have several.
Maybe Romo could help you there.

Vark Audio in cabin john, md (10min away from dc) does great work too.  the guy to talk to is Evan.  he's now servicing my sony apr5003 2trk and next is my studer a80 2trk.  he knows his stuff.  hes restored a couple of my ampex 350/351 channels too.  he also works a lot on nagras.

just my 2cents


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