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I spent a very pleasant afternoon with CRT projector guru Curt Palme yesterday. Turns out CRT projectors are not the only abandoned technology he is passionate about. Curt is also well versed in reel to reel having played with them since he was a toddler. I asked if he would be willing to service MX5050s for TP members since there are so few places to get them worked on anymore, and he replied with an enthusiastic yes. Curt is located in Surrey, B.C., and travels down to Seattle often.


yep, my man Curt - great guy. i've had him work on a few items for me, and it's all good.

Curt recently posted a question on a Nakamichi Dragon in WBF. He seemed to be very knowledgeable about fixing complex equipment. Glad to know he will be able to help us 5050 owners.



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