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Dan. Paul, Romo, Got the Quantum View notification that a 6 lb package from Tape Project is shipping today.  Can't stand the suspense. What is it?  Thanks, Larry

that would be TP-006, the Oistrakh. TP-005 will follow shortly.

Thanks, Dan. Larry

TP-006 before TP-005? What do you think we are,.. theoretical mathematicians!? Oh well, I guess I can have a TP-005 spacer made to put in between 004 and 006. There's just nothing easy about his hobby is there?

Got it about 2PM. I've already played about half of the Bruch Scottish Fantasy. Wonderful. Oistrakh can really play the fiddle. Another winner for TP. :-) I am comparing it to my vinyl copy, an original London (not Decca) (matrix 1E) pressing. The tape has an openness and depth and breadth of image that is lacking in the vinyl - though the latter is really very good. BTW, the London and Decca pressings of that era (1962) and earlier were not equalized to the standard RIAA curve. I have a Graham Slee Revelation and Elevator EXP phono preamp which has adjustable EQ. I set it on the old Decca EQ and the tone quality of the vinyl matches the tape almost exactly. Set on the normal RIAA curve and the record is much brighter.  Looking forward to the rest of the album.  Reminder that my vinyl setup costs almost exactly twice as much as the Bottlehead modified 1506 with Repro electronics. Larry   


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