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Tape Tech / Technics 1500 Recording Level Beginner Question
« on: March 22, 2010, 09:07:12 PM »
I've got a beginner question about proper recording level.

My Technics 1500 has been recently calibrated and biased for 456 tape and I want to record from vinyl to RMGI 911 tape at the correct VU meter level.

I understand that the 911 tape (and 456) is +6 tape. Does this mean that with my machine biased as it is for 456 tape that my VU meters should be peaking at +6 on my VU meters or should I be sticking at 0?

If I want to record using Ampex 499 tape (+9) and the machine stays biased for 456, where is the best level? At 0, +6 or at +9?  Also, any thoughts about how this combo will turn out?

Thank you for the newbie help.

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