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I'll be running a demo tape( many thanks to Paul and Doc ) with some selections from Jacqui Naylor, Dave Alvin, and the Arnold tapes at the Head-fi International Meet being held this weekend in San Jose, Ca.. I am registered to have a spot to play the tape on my rs1500 > Seduction headphone system. I'm sorry to post this at such a late date but all the pieces didn't come together until just a few hours ago. The meet is being held at the Radisson Hotel San Jose Airport. The address is 1471 N 4th St.. The admission for both Saturday and Sunday is $20 at the door. It begins at 10am and lasts until 6pm (although these things can go all night if the staff is willing). I'll be among quite a few members who will be showing their diy projects, mega buck headphone systems ( mega in headphone $$$ at least) . I'll be there all day on Saturday for sure, and if there's enough interest, part of Sunday. If you can only make it on Sunday PM me and I'll let you know. There will be about 30 venders and some panel discussions. Steve Hoffman will be among the lecturers. Heres a link with a map and other info. I hope to see some other Tape Project tee shirts other than mine.www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=229652


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