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Most excellent news!


All sorts of things are falling together this week. We should be receiving final prototype samples of our custom flanges - punched with custom tooling, anodized and silk screened with the Tape Project logo - early next week. We should see the setup boxes and slipcovers in a few more weeks.

And we have agreements in principle for our final four titles of 2007! Still can't name them until the ink on the contract is dry. But I can say that in response to your requests we have pursued another outstanding classical title and three outstanding classic jazz titles. Paul deserves kudos for working really hard to acquire the jazz titles.

If things go as planned there's going to be a faint whirring sound going on steadily in the Magnolia Room at 1340 Mission in just a few weeks...

One classical and three classic jazz! I'd better start working on the Seduction!


Fantastic news! But,.. four more titles that I'll just have to have. Maybe I should have gone for the Charter Sub. after all. Thanks to Paul for answering many of ours prayers. You can add me to the list of those who are dying to see what the last 4 this year will be!

That one extra classical title is enough for me to finally commit to a subscription; but which one....?



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