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Maybe my last post got missed in its own specific category? Or are you guys still trying to figure it out?,1444.0.html

Creek Bank / Creek Bank channel orientation question
« on: March 18, 2010, 05:23:20 AM »
Well something is amiss here.  The left and right channels on this tape are the exact opposite of the cd release (Prestige PRCD-24055-2).  The piano is in the right channel on the tape, as Larry describes above in another thread.  Problem is, on the cd release its in the LEFT channel!  I triple checked everything on my end to be sure before posting this.

I guess I'm the only one who has compared the tape to another format on this one?  Something was done wrong here---either on the tape or the cd.  They are "vice-versa"!  Anyone have the LP on hand to settle the matters as a tie breaker?  ;)

General Discussion / Anyone know what's going on at Otari USA?
« on: December 09, 2008, 11:38:05 AM »
I used to get GREAT service from Mitch there, now there is some Taka guy running the place AFAIK.  All I need are 4 meter lightbulbs for a B3 and its like pulling teeth to get them (been trying to contact them for over a week now)!  When you call now, nobody answers the phone anymore either.  It just goes to an automated system and eventually you need to leave a message with "Taka", and good luck with that.  He finally replied to one of my emails stating that I need a part number to order the bulbs.  Well, according to the exploded diagram, the meter bulbs aren't even on there!  All I used to have to do before was pick up the phone, Mitch would answer, and I;d say, "Hey Mitch, what's up?  Need 4 meter bulbs please."  3 days later I'd have them!!

Hopefully the recession didn't cut Mitch out of the loop.  He would be sorely missed!!!

General Discussion / Anyone here going to CES/T.H.E Show in January?
« on: October 24, 2008, 07:46:06 AM »
Just curious if anyone here is making the trek to Vegas.  I went last year and had a blast.  Matter of fact, that is where I was "re-introduced" to the open reel format!  It was in Winston Ma's FIM room and the sound was glorious.  Now, some 5-6 decks later, I believe in entrenched in the format.  ;)

Anyhow, I'm 98% certain I'll be going back this year.  Any fellow TP fans coming?  Also, are there plans for a "Tape Project" room there or are there going to be decks loaned out to various rooms like last year?

Regards, Joel

General Discussion / Reference Recordings HRx format and the Tape Project
« on: October 13, 2008, 04:54:46 PM »
Hi all,
I just wanted to pass along some juicy info.  If you have not checked out the new HRx format by RR, then I implore you to do so.  Here is some info here:

Anyhow these are master digital 24/176 files and you need a computer and sound card that are compatible to take the data discs they send you (at like $45 a pop) and either play them on a music server or (better yet) put them on 15 IPS open reel tape.  The disc they send you is not playable in any other format (although I think if you had a record cutting lathe you could probably go down that path too.  ;)

A friend of mine and I bought one of these things to try out ("Crown Imperial") as I also have the HDCD commercial release of it as well to compare the HRx to.  We took it from 24/176 on his PC and dumped it onto 15 IPS open reel tape.  The results?  AMAZING!!!!

Yesterday we spent some time together comparing the 24/176 "tape" we had made to the HDCD version of the same work I had bought (level matched in real-time).  Well the difference my friends was NOT subtle.  Kind of like the difference between comparing a TP tape to a cd of the same work.  The tape sounded MUCH more open, expansive, natural, dynamic and all-around smoother and silkier.  The HDCD sounded (by comparison) compressed, "glarey" and hard overall.

Bottom line is I don't think I've ever heard digital sound like this!  It sounded totally analog!!  I mean it was RIGHT up there with TP-003 that I have, "Arnold's Overtures".  The sonics were THAT good.

I also noticed that RR has now released an HRx version of "Exotic Dances Of the Opera", which is also a TP tape!  I was thinking about that and was Exotic Dances ever released on LP?  I thought RR only ran analog tapes when they were going to release an LP of a work.  Does anyone know if the TP "Exotic" is 100% analog all the way through??? It was made later in the game---1996, so I don't know if they were still running tapes in that era.

If so though, we may have the ULTIMATE digital vs. analog shootout on our hands----Exotic on 1.5 gen all-analog "master tape" from the TP and also on 24/176 all "master digital" on the HRx format.  Does anyone know if the TP release was sourced from the same 24/176 digital file though??

Anyhow, I EMPLORE you to check out the HRx format.  For $45 plus some tape you really have something to "fill in the time" when you are waiting for your next TP release to be delivered.  Unbelievable stuff and right up there with the TP releases!!!!!!!!

Take care,
Joel K.

Just curious.  If so, what were your thoughts??

Regards, Joel K.

With all due respect and MUCH gratitude for what the TP is doing, there are a few of us curious about "the future".  Of course we understand that you are at maximum capacity and those that have come THIS far in the search for the Holy Audio Grail should be patient.  However, the biggest fear is that you fine folks at the TP will get burned out on this tedious process of releasing open reel master dubs and not release anything further then what has been announced.

That said, we are halfway through 2008 with no new announcements on future releases for this year.  A lot of text on this site is still stuck in the year 2007 and I don't believe the 10 releases that were due out for 2007 have even made it out by this point in 2008.

Any word on any NEW releases for this year or early 2009?  The Absolute Sound mentioned listening to "Tutti" on tape yet I don't see that mentioned anywhere on this site.  Is that a release we can look forward to?

Anyhow, just looking for any new info.  An "outsider" or "newcomer" may look at this site and scratch their head as to why the year 2007 is mentioned so much when we are heading into 2009 shortly!

As a subscriber I want to make sure that the fire keeps burning at TP!!  Any new news for releases?

Raw Tape / What brand/type of tape are the TP releases on???
« on: July 10, 2008, 06:09:20 PM »
I don't see this mentioned anywhere.  Just curious as to what type they feel to be the "best" at quarter inch that is still "obtainium" today.....

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