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Tape Project Machines / Seduction Rehoming
« on: February 13, 2009, 06:52:43 PM »
Hi All,

Pardon the interruption.

I will be getting a new Repro amplifier from Doc and Paul in a week or so replacing my current Seduction tape preamplifier.

So I'll be needing to rehome my old Seduction, built by the master hands of Paul. It's been back to Bottlehead and it's all checked out and brought up to current specs.

New, the built repros go for $700; I'm looking for $400 plus shipping. Simple, uses 2 6922s, IEC and NAB compatible and it's in perfect shape. The wood is a light ash color.

It's a great opportunity to hear more of what are on those Tape Project and other tapes one owns.

Myles Astor

General Discussion / Re: I'm really pissed off
« on: January 15, 2009, 07:42:27 AM »
Umm Library.  Do you have cassette or R2R for music? 
I was looking at some 45 re-issuses ( 180 gram ) for the said $50 last night
and it seems  that the TP just came out a little earlier than them.
I wonder how much TP influence had in bring out the 45's.
If I had a turntable, the 45's would be a addition to my music system
rather than reason not have a R2R.


Not sure where u got your 45 rpm info from?  The 45 rpms, namely Analologue Productions, came out way before the tape project w3as ever a glimmer in Doc's and colleagues eye. There wasn't any connection to the tape project promoting the 45rpms. The 45 rpms are btw, esp. Chad's Riversides and Pablo reissues, simply outstanding.The better the system gets, the more one appreciates just how good a job SH did in mastering these gems.



General Discussion / Re: Wow! Thank you!
« on: January 07, 2009, 04:49:19 PM »
As I drink my morning coffee and with about 35 hours to go before we announce our new Series Two titles at CES, I find that we have already received three confirmations for subscriptions to the new series from Series One subscribers. Thanks so much for your continued support of the Tape Project! When we started this project we did a lot of daydreaming about having a nice fat catalog with lots of great titles after a few years. The enthusiasm for the release of the second series is a huge step towards making that a reality.

As a thank you to current subscribers we will offer you a discounted subscription rate through the end of February for the second series. And we will extend the same invitation for a discount on the Series Two price to anyone who subscribes to Series One by the end of February. I'll post the details very soon.

Doc/Dan: You can count me in on the next series. Even thinking about ordering all of them :) Am really chomping at the bit to get the last two from the first series.


Suggestion Box / A Handful of Suggestions
« on: September 01, 2008, 09:58:42 PM »
Sorry for the long list. Know some recordings would be hard to put on tape due to royalty fees, others have disappeared over the years or there's not a wide enough audience.

Here goes:

Doc Evans: Muskrat Ramble or Doc Evans at the Gaslight Audiophile label
John Coltrane and John Hartman Impulse
The Weavers Reunion At Carnegie Hall Vanguard
Ray Brown/Jimmy Rowles: Tasty  Concord
Mel Torme: I Dig the Duke/I Dig the Count Verve
Cannonball Adderly: Something Else Bluenote
Cannonball Adderly with Bill Evans: Know What I Mean Riverside
Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Fantasy
Varese: Arcana Decca
Romantic Russia Decca
Herold-Lanchberry: La Fille Mal Gardee Decca
Mahler: Symph. # 3/Solti Decca
John Cage: Pulse New World
Pink Floyd: DSOM EMI/Harvest
Laurence Rosenthal: Rashomon Carlton Records (One of the best sounding LPs of all time--but God only knows if the tapes exist any more :( )
Cat Steven: Tea for the Tillerman Island
Picaflor: Latin American Music for Guitar and Mandolin Titanic Records
Rickie Lee Jones: RLJ Warner Bros (I think her only -or one of a few -analog recordings)
Reiner: Pines of Rome RCA (No LP has served these tapes save for almost the original 1S--and I've heard the original tapes)
Johnny Cash: American Recordings    American Recordings

Myles Astor

Tape Project Machines / Re: New TP/Bottlehead playback system owners?
« on: July 22, 2008, 05:19:29 AM »

Hey,.. btw Welcome to the forum Myles (if you made it down this far!)

Thanks! Learning a lot from u guys. Kind of a babe in the woods next to most of you when it comes to R2R--but learning fast ;) Keep up the good info!


Tape Project Machines / Re: New TP/Bottlehead playback system owners?
« on: July 16, 2008, 06:55:54 AM »
Hi Doc,

Thanks for the advice :) Know 'bout them Teflon caps all too well. Broke in two cj units equippped with Teflon caps and am still burning in the phono section. Not sure which is worse--tube amps or phono. See those hours ticking away on the amp's tubes --or the hassle setting up the Thor reverse RIAA to burn in the phono section. In the end though it's worth it. The teflon caps are IMHO, far and away the best caps. Wanted to use them years ago but no one made large enough values. Now that large values are available, they're hideously expensive. Oh well....


Tape Project Machines / Re: New TP/Bottlehead playback system owners?
« on: July 15, 2008, 10:13:55 PM »
Hi Steve,

Let u know in a week or two. My Technics 1500US (JJ/doc modded) is here sitting here on a new Symposium isis rack. The Seduction, with Teflon V-caps is being shipped and should have it next week (it has at least 100 hrs on it if not more--I asked Paul to break it in since didn't have the patience to wait 300 hrs for the teflon caps to break in). Right now I'm going to use some Phoenix gold Bronze level interconnects, then try some others. (the PG is no longer available and was a mistake--the only one of the line that sounded real good and was a steal for the price.)

As a reviewer, I was especially interested in comparing the tape project tapes to the corresponding LPs (for fidelity to the tape and differences).



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