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When raising the tension level, there's a relay (or??) that sometimes double-clicks and other times (most often) won't click. The cap. motor will not always start spinning. With a manual boost (twist w/fingers) it will. THIS is what I'm trying to remedy.
It's been oiled 'externally' and it slightly noisy - mechanically speaking.

(For clarity, here's my nomenclature - speed RANGE is selected in back; sp. MODE selected in front. It may be backwards from 'factory' ?? but here's what I'm talking today.)

It seem the relay(s) (or ??) double-clicks - actually it sounds like two relays ONLY in this specific transition, every time I move the switch from Hi to Low on FRONT. No clicking when moving from Lo to Hi. And it doesn't matter if it's in Lo RANGE or Hi. (The NAB indicator LED suddenly works no more...)

On my 2nd. machine (same 5050BII2) the relays click with every lifting of the tension are EXCEPT at 15ips. Then again it clicks when taken from Hi sp. to Lo sp. regardless of sp. RANGE- but ONLY if the cap. is spinning. SAME FOR troubled 1st. deck.  (NAB is fine, but deck won't REC or FF/RW - spools ok in PLAY - don't care: one deck at a time... ha-ha: X-7 sits in corner, BAD X-7 - BAD!!)

I've checked the PCB and re-soldiered several (~4) questionable spots (camera won't focus close enough for pix). No cracks found or anything else. Conn. cleaned, etc.

Thank you for any & all thoughts & helpful suggestions.


Tape Project Machines / Jumper wire ?missing? MX5050 BII 2
« on: February 10, 2012, 12:25:03 AM »
While switching speed modes, cleaning, etc. etc. (it never really stops, does it?) I noticed there is a jumper wire (WHITE in pic) on the pcb above the supply reel motor and NOT one on the take-up motors pcb. Jumper goes from "Line" to "117V" (choices of 100, 117, 220 & 240 volt). Is this correct??
Thank you,


Tape Tech / MX5050 B II 2 R/P issue(s)
« on: November 14, 2011, 06:47:58 PM »
Greetings and THANKS for being here!
I've finally found a machine and - for the price, it's ok. The big issue I'm having right now is REC/REPRO level in Ch. 1 (Lt. if you will). Using the internal osc. it plays back ~ -10VU compared to Ch. 2 - with the out pots "equal". On a tape made w/my X2000 of tone (from TDK calibration CD) at "0", it plays at ~ -7VU compared w/Ch2 - pots equal and 4trk. selected. I've soaked, sprayed and pulled most conn. & pots & switches per usual. NO changes. I discovered the 6 (blue) caps on the rear bd. to be leaking (see pic if it posted). Could ?? be cause?? They'll be changed asap.
Not sure if I'm chasing an ele. issue or head issue(s).

I haven't found a method to cal. the PB from  the pdf. I downloaded and it says to do THAT before cal. the REC. Presumably, I'll need a 'standard' tape to set this. Correct? But the procedure would be helpful also.

Thanks in advance. -Keep 'em rolling!


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