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For your weekend enjoyment.

Inspired by the beautiful SonoruS PR-99 deck posted few threads ago....

According to Jeff at J-corder, he made only two Sunburst J-corders.  So it is one of two in this world in 1960's Chevy Camero yellow.

I think it's the most beautiful R2R I have acquired so far.

.... Photo by reelnut, BTW


Tape Tech / Studer A810 BIN file for 25/91 version firmware
« on: May 25, 2009, 11:57:52 AM »
Hi all:

In the middle of night excitement and carelessness, I accidently damaged one of my firmware chips in my Studer A810.

A810 IC10 (1.810.999.24) bin file is in desparate need...  It is the latest 25/91 version with checksum 9744.

As I was trying to back up my Eproms from the A810 MPU board, the IC10 must have been damaged.  I had successfully backed up the IC12 and IC14 but am in dead in the water without the proper IC10...It has checksum of 9666 now and not working...

Please let me know if you have a copy of the BIN file you can sent to me.


Suggestion Box / The Goldberg Variations, Glenn Gould 1981
« on: May 19, 2009, 04:57:41 PM »
It would be to die for on R2R...


Raw Tape / Quantegy 632 - any experiences?
« on: April 28, 2009, 12:25:57 PM »

A friend of mine had bought few reels of Quantegy 632 in nice package and thought sounded good.
However, I have seen other comments from the TP pros that Qantegy tapes are still suspect for SSS...

After posting the question, I looked down and saw Bob's original posting of Ampex 632... I am guessing Ampex and Quantegy are same, correct?
Other questions is... is there an equalent tape formula that I can use to set record bias?

Any comments would be much appreciated.



Tape Tech / VU meter calibration for Pro recorders
« on: October 24, 2008, 01:02:42 AM »

The Studer A80 has R18 in its VU meter amp board that would allow me to hit 0VU with
+4dBv jumper setting. I can get the AF generator to output 1.228v (connecting it
directly to the millivolt meter for amplitute ajdustment) for 0VU reading
(after zeroing the meter).  Isn't correct to expect I should also get 1.228v from deck's line

I'll have to check the schematic to be sure that with Input mode in Studers
engaged from the meter bridge, the AF generator's 1.228v is going directly
from input connector to VU meters and coming straight out to line output
connectors without getting amplified in the deck's audio section. 

It is confusing to me when I cannot get the same reading from line output, and
the VU meter (showing past 0VU) when fed it with 1.228v from AF generator.

Is it correct to set the AF generator to 1.228v and adjust for 0VU at the meter adjustment pot?
Or is there a proper procedure for VU meter calibration?


Can someone confirm if two decks share same 2 track record/repro heads and 4 track repro heads?
I looked at a Technics heads and seem quite similar to Otari heads without taking the heads out for part numbers.



I am looking for two head covers for A807s.  Tried Flimco and Inner City Sound Studios with no luck.
Any leads would be much appreciated.


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