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T-shirts and mousepads and coffee mugs, oh my!

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High and Outside:
There is a new source for that Tape Project logo merchandise you've been craving:

We used to have it at Cafe Press, but no more. Zazzle is the same basic idea: they'll slap a logo on just about anything you can think of. We haven't listed aprons or refrigerator magnets yet, but if there's a demand we will be happy to.

That's some pretty neat stuff!!!


Hey hey,
Just in time for Xmas!

You know what I wouldn't mind seeing is a Tape Project decal that I could put in a tasteful spot on my car's glass (side or back corner maybe). Kinda like the Apple stickers I get.

High and Outside:

They don't seem to have decals, but they have stickers, so I added that to the store.

Any requests for baby clothes? Xavier? They have quite a selection.

Keds and neckties seem like a natural. Or maybe that's just me.


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