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Reference 15-ips Tape List


Thought everyone would enjoy checking out the reference tape list that I've put together on my bulletin board I've also assembled a list of all the companies now releasing legitimate tapes in the world--with two more including one big name --to come before the end of the year!

Best of the Best: see post #12 for latest update!

And for current tape resources:

Awesome lists Myles!
I'll have to pick up some tapes I see.
Keep up the great work!

Myles, great list.  I would add a few of Ed Pong's tapes also. (  Just ordered the latest (Set 5) group of tapes from Bob Attiyeh ( which includes his first grand orchestral recording - Gerard Schwarz conducting Mahler's 5th Symphony. 


Top tape list revision. A few new tapes added to the list and some new additions to the Bakers Dozen.


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