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I seems like there are a number of new members in need of info regarding tapes, machines and supplies. Many of these links have been posted before, but unlike the early days of this board, it's not practical for new members to go back and read every post.

 Links- these are other sites whose focus is reel to reel
the Recordist.com
 This portal links you to the Ampex and Studer lists. Fantastic info from the keyboards of some of the guys that worked at the each factory. Majordomo mailing list formated forum but the home site has tons of info as well.
TapeOp message board
 Online forum for TapeOp magazine. More recording and studio oriented but lots of DIY repair info and some great buys from time to time in the for sale forum. Pick up the magazine too. Very down to earth and the ads can be a good resource too.
Yahoo groups reel to reel
 Another mailing list type forum. Although the topics of discussion tend toward Teac/Sony/Akai, there are some excellent files to check out like stellavox's list of 2 track releases, so be sure and check out the archived files.
AudioAsylum Tape Trail
 Everybody should know about this one but maybe someone has missed it. Tons of info and discussions on just about any R2R related subject. Learn to use the advance search!
Resources parts/services/supplies we might refer to in the forums
 US Recording Media The reel to reel one stop shop. Blank tapes, reels, demag., cleaners, splicing tape etc. If they ain't got it go fish.
 MRL Calibration tapes
Jay McKnight's calibration tapes for every occasion. Jay had quite a career at Ampex.
 JFR Magnetics
 Heads for any machine. Studio machine refurbishing. Another Ampex employee. John French can design custom head nests and his standard head replacements are very reasonable.
  Flux Magnetics (website down) source for the extended response heads for Tape Project machines.
 Dark Labs
Source for those cool NAB reel holders with the editing flanges (german)
 Terry's Rubber Rollers and Wheels
Need your pinch rollers rebuilt, this is the place.
 ATR Services
Mike Spitz makes the famous ATR100 famous-er. Aria class A tape electronics, everything for your ATR100 and the new ATR Magnetics tape.
 MDI Precision Motor Works
Upgraded parts for Ampex/Otari studio machines
 Reel Pro Sound Guys
Parts and service for Teac/Tascam/Sony/Akai and reportedly, Technics soon.
Vintage Electronics
Good source for manuals and some parts. Very reasonable.
 JM Technical Arts
Revox/Studer parts and service $$$.
Recommended Reading Links to great info
 US Recording Media Faqs and Tips
Must read facts about preserving the great sound of your tapes. Also tape data sheets, machine maintenance etc.
 Tangible Technologies
Eddie Ciletti's home page. Includes 4 articles on tape technology. " How does it work" in easy to follow articles from "Mix" magazine.
 MRL Calibration Tapes
An unbelievable resource from Jay McKnight. You name it, it's here. It can get a little technical but the knowledge is worth the effort.
Everything you ever wanted to know about tape flutter. It's the invisible demon of tape playback. Believe it!
 Richard Hess's Tape Restoration
The emphasis is on restoration and archiving but Richard knows tapes and machines like few in the world. There are gems in every nook and cranny of this crumpet.
 Pictures/deck features
 Phantoms's Reel to Reel
Huge collection of reel to reel recorders and ads from a former recording studio.
 Obsolete Media
Back in the old days, Audio magazine used to have a directory of gear. This is in the same format for selected brands.
 Bay Area Studio Engineering
This site is always under construction on some of the pages, but what is there is great. Sales ads, test tones, info on many studio machines.

Well, that's it for now. So check it out. I'm sure I missed tons of great links so post away.

Steve, I want to commend you for pulling together all of this awesome information for the new and some of us who have been around for a while. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us. You and others are the reason this forum is so popular and helpful. Keep up the great work.

Bob W.

Very nice, Steve, I made this a sticky. I should point out that both Mike Spitz of ATR Services and Greg Orton of Flux Magnetics were associated with the old Ampex as well.

A couple more resources: Jeff Jacobs restores and customizes Technics RS1500, 1506, 1520,1700 and 1800 machines and he is also the US distributor for the Darklab Magnetics NAB hub adapters that are a copy of the old Revox hub adapters. Otari U.S.A. Sales supplies new MX5050BIII-2 recorders, sells parts and does repairs and restoration of most Otari tape recorders.

I'd better put my dehumidifier to work:

Steve, thanks. This is great information. Larry


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