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There's been more than one thread about use of balanced cables (XLR, TRS etc) and while some of this concern is unnecessary, it's always better to understand the elements of a mystery than just following someone's advice and being done with it. At least that's the  reasoning that I've followed in these stickies.
So here's a link to an exhaustive guide to balanced cables (profusely illustrated).

HiFi Engine This site has lots of user/service manuals along with schematics and parts list. All for the cost of registering!

BASE Gorski's site might not be the easiest to navigate, but if you're looking for a manual for free, it's worth the time. Pro studio machine manuals and don't forget to check out the gallery pictures, slow but cool.

Continuing with free online manuals.
Studer fool (Chris Wait) has pointed out a fantastic site for Studer product manuals.
Chris just added this great Ampex manuals site,.. fantastic!
And this link to a Studer C37  schematic (the repro amp section)

I've seen a few folks, here and elsewhere, who've had problems with their VU meters and until now, never really had a good place to suggest that they send it. Analog meters can be very tricky and most, if not all, regular service guys outsource this work to specialists. Unfortunately, this is a dying art as everything goes digital. So here's a place that was highly recommended on the Ampex list for calibration and service.

Here's a great reel to reel timeline courtesy of the fine folks over at Phantom Productions. Many of the entries are linked to photos, vintage ads, and locations on other sites.
Fantastic stuff!

If you've never spent any time browsing the photos from their museum, set aside some time and check it out too.


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