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Non-vinyl audio sources for RTR


As a newbie, I've been looking for non-vinyl sources of audio to capture with my reel to reels and am interested in learning what other folks are capturing.

Other then pre-recorded rtrs', the only other sources I've found so far are Wolfgang's Vault ( and KEXP (  I'm not sure exactly what format Wolfgang's streaming is, but I don't think its' MP3 and KEXP has streaming, uncompressed audio.  Granted, their digital, but they sound great when "calmed-down" by the tape medium...

High and Outside:
There is a long tradition of home r2r enthusiasts recording live broadcasts from FM radio. Some cities had high quality FM broadcasts live from the concert hall or ballroom, or occasionally from a recording studio. Sorry, I don't know of any currently being broadcast in the SF Bay Area. KCSM does have a show on Suday evenings called Sunday Night Suites that broadcasts location recordings of jazz made specifically for that show. They're good, but they are still recordings, not direct live feeds.


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