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This was posted by A.F. Thal to the Studer list:

--- Quote ---Martin Berner (Studer Professional Audio GmbH) has asked that I share the following information
with Studer list readers:

Studer Services is refocusing. In the future we will concentrate on our core business, Digital
Technology. The main reason for this is to enable us to focus our knowledge on new products and
to, subsequently, guarantee exceptional Service.

In order to ensure our customers receive immediate service for Studer analog products, we have
decided to outsource the Service for those products to the following company: audiohouse.ch gmbh.

audiohouse was founded in January 2002 by Marcel Cattani, a former employee of Studer Professional
Audio GmbH for 17 years. Mr. Cattani is skilled especially in analog equipment installations and
service. We are positive that we have found the perfect solution in cooperation with audiohouse.
Therefore, starting January 1st, 2007 audiohouse.ch is your contact for analog products whether it
is for repairs, spare parts or for service requests.

Contact address for audiohouse.ch gmbh
audiohouse.ch gmbh
Schuelgass 16
Postfach 336
CH 6215 Berom?nster
Tel.: +41 41 930 46 88
Fax: +41 41 930 46 87
email: [email protected]
--- End quote ---


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