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Hey guys, I don't see where anyone has actually discussed the music on this tape or the sound quality. Everything else seems to be about ship dates. Anyway, this is my own first exposure to Jacqui Naylor, and I just finished listening to it for the first time. She is an impressive singer, and actually, it is a little hard to believe that one is listening to a single singer the first time through - she voices each song differently, and sometimes changes her voice mid song. There is lots to listen to and keep one interested.

The sound quality is interesting - it is not at first as impressive as Waltz for Debby, possibly because I already knew that recording, but it really grows on you, and is non fatiguing in the extreme.

I thought that this might be the tape I listen to the least - but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Ok, I admit I talk too much about other stuff, but until I get any tapes I can't make a comment. I too would like to know feelings about the tapes received. The tapes are
to be played, not collected is my feeling on the subject.

Footnote:  My tape came in today.- Jan 20 Had to add  $20.25 more for tax.I plan to play it soon, but I need to wait a bit while the tapes thaw out.

Hey Tom, it's one of my favorites too. I agree with what you said about the different styles she sings in. The band is fantastic too. It takes a little while to dig past Jacqui's wonderful voice but Art's piano work and arrangements are another whole layer to be enjoyed. Do yourself a favor and check her website and go see her when she's playing in the area (she's from the bay area). It's doesn't get a whole lot better than that! Very nice folks ta boot.

Steve, thanks for the pointer - I would love to hear her live. I visited her web site, and looks like she is on the east coast now and headed to Europe for February. Hopefully there will be a time in the not too distant future.

Hi Tom,

A lot of the lack of fatigue is due, IMO, to the mics we used. Jacqui sang into a Brauner VMA, the drum overhead was a C24 (sorry to day I don't remember the rest of the drum miking, maybe Earthworks?), the piano had two Neumanns - a U67 and IIRC a KM84, and Romo mic'd pretty much all else with a Royer ribbon. Electric bass was a mix of DI and mic'd speaker.


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