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Ki Choi:
Hi Bob:

I mainly use (or will use) the Sony APR-5003 to record 15 ps 2 track from pre-recorded and master tapes.  Studer A807 will be my primary playback machine for 2 track and Otari MX-5050 BII for 4 track material.


reel to reel collector:
I need Studer A810 service in the west coast. Preferably in california. I tried to download the posted servicer list but ti does not download saying "could not load"

Can someone give me the list? Southern and Northern California

Paul L

reel to reel collector:
Any help? I need a Studer tech in california or in the west coast. Is Steve Smith the only option in the USA?

High and Outside:
I think those attachments went away when we updated the software that runs the forum. Too bad, that's one of the prices to be paid for updating.

Anyway, there are other Studer techs in addition to the ones mentioned earlier in the thread. Several in California. What part of California would you like?

In Northern California, I have used all three of these guys: Krieg Wunderlich, 707-792-1047. Michael Gore, 415-469-0136. Angel Gentchev, as mentioned earlier in this thread, (510) 894-2025.

In Southern Californi, Charlie Bolois, long time west coast Studer factory service maven, (818) 841-1014.

That's just off the top of my head.

reel to reel collector:
Charlie Bolois says his specility is 24 track, decks and A820,A80 ATR 102 etc. Not much A810.

Anyone else in Southern California?

If not in Northern Cali from the 3 guys you mentioned who has more experience doing A810's?



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