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Suggestion Box / Re: Joni Mitchell "Blue"
« on: November 14, 2007, 01:08:45 AM »
I would second the choice of "Blue." Mitchell, Baez and Judy Collins were the only folk artists that I would buy every album they recorded as they were coming out in the '60's. Mitchell was the female poet/songwriter of my generation. "Blue" was a Harry Pearson Super Disc in The Absolute Sound. The new reissue is very fine - I think better than my original issue.

Suggestion Box / Re: Joan Baez
« on: November 14, 2007, 01:02:53 AM »
I'm a newbie, but have collected R2R prerecorded tapes for about 20 years (i have about 600 almost all classical). Of the few non-classical I have, four are Joan Baez albums all 7.5in 4tr. They are: Joan Baez V2 (Van VTC1638) - the album that first drew popular attention to Baez and her second album for Vanguard, Joan Baez in Concert Part 2 (Van VTC1679) which in vinyl was on Harry Pearson's Super Disc list in The Absolute Sound, Noel (Barclay Crocker VAN D79230 Dolby B), and The Lovesong Album (Barclay-Crocker VAN J0079 Dolby B), a compilation from several of her early albums. I think the latter two may be the only Baez albums produced by B/C. I think I would have bought others if they had been produced, since I was buying from B/C for several years.  This thread has spurred me to take a listen again.  As another suggestion, I like Baez's "Diamond and Rust" that she did after switching from Vanguard to A&M. She does a nasty imitation of Bob Dylan in the cut of Dylan's song "Simple Twist of Fate". The Mobile-Fidelity vinyl reissue was also on the Super Disc list. BTW, I first saw Baez in the spring of 1964 when our college freshman class Spring concert hired a then pretty unknown Bob Dylan as the main act. He surprised us by bringing Baez on stage to sing - not advertised for the concert. I started buying her records as they were released (Joan Baez V2 was the first one). They were all in mono because stereo records were $1 more than mono.

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