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Raw Tape / New R2R Tape still available today
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:53:14 AM »
Just out of interest I thought I would list the makes and Types of New tape still available today
Or the ones I know about, if you know any more please post

Recording The Masters RTM (France ) formally Pyral & RMG, BASF formulations
Excellent quality Tape and readily available in Europe, these are my favourite tapes .
SM-900 - premium High Output Studio Master tape ( superb quality)
SM-911- High Output Studio Archive tape
SM-468 – Standard output studio & archival
LPR-90 – 1 mil Long play version of the SM-900 (this my favourite tape for home recording)
LPR-35 – 1 mil Long Play version of the SM-911

ATR Magnetics USA
Master Tape Superb quality high output studio master tape, similar to SM-900
MDS-36 – 1mil Long play version of the Master tape

Capture - I haven't used any of this tape so dont have an opinion of what its like, seems to be popular on, Is available at Splicit
Capture 914 High output Low noise tape 1.5mill thk
Capture 930 High output Low noise tape 1.0mil thk long play

Besides the manufacturers home page, tape is available from

Calibration Tapes Reel2Reel only these are excellent cal tapes Cassette alignment


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