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Author Topic: Played this for my wife last night  (Read 6724 times)

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Played this for my wife last night
« on: January 15, 2014, 02:59:33 PM »
She loved it! 

I moved in May to Burlingame, and my system is a bit different now - I still have my Technics RS1520 as the front end, but I am using Magnepan 3.7s with a Martin Logan Descent sub, and a Classe amp (preamp is an NAD).

Some mentioned that this tape sounds better at high volume - I totally agree! The dynamics really pop, and YOU CAN HEAR EVERYTHING, including some very subtle effects. My only complaints, and they aren't big- there is a lot of leader and trailer on each reel, and the included art is skimpy, although may be an exact reproduction of the original Stax LP.

I saw that this tape was in stock this week - even though this music isn't my own normal cup of tea I can highly recommend this tape.
Thomas Ream

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