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Hi, thanks for your help,
Yes the capstan is free and turns smoothly but does not rotate under electrical power on it's own. If you fool the tape tensioners with no tape threaded the take up spins the supply provides back tension, the pinch rollers engage, and the capstan does not turn. The cue control the variable speed in or out, pot up or down on any of the 3 speeds. I was asking if the red led and strobe markings on the idler at the bottom have anything to do with motor speed control as read off of tape speed or is that just there for show? I did remove the rear and tried to figure out where the capstan motor wires go, wiggled connectors etc.
I have the service manual on the way. I presume it to be something in the servo system for the capstan motor or (hopefully not) the motor itself. I was just hoping, since people had been restoring these machines, I would get someone to tell me a "typical" failure mode for this or something like "there is supposed to be a dummy plug in the remote socket" (which there is not BTW).
I have a fair bit of DIY experience. I am not afraid (with the service manual) to get in there with a volt meter and 'scope and try to figure it out.
Otherwise, with the exception of recording which I don't want to try by dragging a tape through the machine via take up torque, the machine passes signal through and passes signal from either playback head to phones out.

Hi, Thanks. I did see that thread. My issues are with the capstan motor. FF and rewind work properly. Take up reel torque and braking seem OK too. I have also found that the machine passes signal input to headphones and tape (if you help it along by applying more take up reel torque) to phones via either playback head. I have not tried to test record with it not moving tape properly. I hope it is not the capstan motor itself ! Hoping for a typical problem with these  machines with an easy fix. The capstan has never turned on it's own when fooling the machine into play mode with no tape. With tape threaded, it tries to pull tape but take up torque is not sufficient to cause it to keep going so it grinds quickly to a halt and goes back into stop.

Tape Project Machines / Technics RS-1500US servo issues newbie post
« on: July 14, 2008, 11:48:30 PM »
First the good news. I WAS going to modify one of my older Ampex 350 series or Otari MX-5050 4channel machine (not 1/4 track) with another head block, or one of my other decks to be used with my Seduction kit for Tape Project tapes.
I already have 2 tapes so I am anxious to get something going !
Today I became the owner of a well used,  partially non-working Technics RS-1500. One of the toggle knobs on the right is missing and the deck is dirty but otherwise not that horrible. The heads look OK and it is, being a 1500 1/2 track play/record  with 1/4 track play. In initial testing, it powers up and fast forward and rewind work, but play does not. The pinch rollers engage and it starts to move then slows to a stop and then goes back into stop mode. So my guess is capstain motor and servo mechanism. Anybody know where to start with this particular malfunction? Otherwise it looks like it might work OK ! A related question is the idler which the tape wraps around at the bottom seems to have an inner and outer ring with 2 little dots on them that turn separately, then the flat spanner nut in the middle. What is that all about? I guess because of the red LED on the outer edge that this is part of the speed strobe sevo mechanism.
In any case, because the former owner was frustrated and the deck was not pristine by any means, I was able to pick it up for almost nothing. So I have some refurbishing room even within my limited budget.
Hope I am not going over material previously covered. I did try to look for this problem elswhere on the forum.
Thanks - Steve

Suggestion Box / Re: Some Female Vocal Suggestions
« on: July 14, 2008, 06:37:32 PM »
I would like to add some Warner titles.
Emmylou Harris Roses In the Snow and Angel Band,
The Roches self titled and
(not female vocal) Brothers in Arms Dire Straits
Are these all old enough too be analog masters?

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