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Just about ready to ship!


The first of these albums have been recorded and Shawn has been busy engraving reels and preparing the packaging. We should be able to start shipping in the next week or two.

But what I really want to talk about is that if you want to get a sample of the album you have to look no further than Season Five, Episode Eight of Breaking Bad. I nearly choked on my chocolate cake when we were watching it last night and Pick Yourself Up started playing while, well, you should just watch it.

Oh boy, oh boy!
Anxiously awaiting it's arrival!

BTW, glad you and Eileen are enjoying the antics of Walter and the gang. I can't say I've enjoyed a TV show more than that one!

 I've only watched Season one on my my ipad during my last road show on November. Good but not the best although I've heard it gets better with each season.

Glad to hear about th NKC album!


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