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Title: Romo's workshops @AES
Post by: ironbut on November 08, 2010, 10:26:51 PM
This past weekend I attended the AES Conference in San Francisco. There was so much going on that no one could honestly say that they were able to see everything.
I did attend both of the Mastering workshops that were hosted by Michael. They were round tables with several well known mastering engineers (Paul joined the group on the second one).
I can say that these were easily the hi lights of the entire weekend for me.
Now, I attended workshops and seminars from 9am to 6:30pm each day and while I'm stoked that I feel like I learned a lot in each of them, Michael's workshops had an energy that made the time go by in what seemed like a flash.
So, I just wanted to say "thanks Romo" and if any of you were at AES and didn't attend these,.. you missed out!
Oh, I should say that besides Paul Stubblebine, the panel consisted of Mike Wells, Joe Palmacio, Andrew Mendleson and Gavin Lurssen!
Just killer!