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American Beauty and Workingmans Dead has finally got the recognition it has always deserved from pop culture magazine rolling stone has put them in the top 100 albums of all time. Bob weir of the Grateful dead is a outspoken champion of true analog sound and has publicly gone as far saying that digital music is a all out assault on the central nervous system and that the human body welcomes analog sound but on a cellular level rejects digital reproduction of sound.I know from the fatigue that I experience even from higher high end Dacs and music servers and the frustration from ipods.i would have to agree. Now it  great time to work with the remaining members or the grateful dead legacy on saving the music industry but bringing true warm sound back into the young minds if the zero and 0nes generation .please go to TRI to see the state of the art over 4.5 million dollar audiophile studio that Bob has put together and see him talk about analog vs digital on you tube.also check out the weir here segment's also on you tube.Most of all lets get San Francisco own born and raised phenomena into the tape project repertoire also born in San Francisco!!!

The grateful Dead, They have a very large audiophile fan base.

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