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Author Topic: The Foxhunt, by The Chieftains  (Read 1046 times)

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The Foxhunt, by The Chieftains
« on: January 10, 2024, 02:40:51 AM »
"This recording doesn't resemble some audiophile recordings, which have each instrument carefully sculpted and occupyng it's own space. This recording is much more about putting you right in the middle of the room with a band and an audience who are having a rollicking good time.

In short, there's a party in your listening room, and you're invited. Just cue up Reel One, grab a Guinness, and hit play."

That was some of the copy from the album page...just printed here to get the party started. Use this thread to talk about your listening impressions, or ask any questions. Or you can start a new topic if you want to explore anything else about the album.

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