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Author Topic: Nagra T Audio and static electricity  (Read 4299 times)

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Nagra T Audio and static electricity
« on: March 20, 2011, 03:35:36 PM »
Hi fellow Nagra T users,

During a small tape fest earlier today with local tapeheads, I had the Nagra T doing the tape duty.  First I had RS-422 communication error (message #10) during FF and REW.  I replaced the keyboard assembley with a spare one but the problem remained with static pops during Play as well.

Then I thought about replacing the Studer NAB hub (with reel contact by rubber O ring in plastic portion) with metal flange with the original metal Nagra NAB hub (same thing Doc B uses for his T) grounding the metal reel and tape completely.

All radom errors had gone away as well as the static pops.   So during winter time with heat going and low humidity condition, it is best to use all metal NAB hubs with metal reels to avoid any static issues with the Nagra T Audio.

Ki Choi