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Prerecorded Tapes / John Lee Hooker, Canned Heat - Hooker 'N Heat
« on: September 12, 2015, 03:07:14 PM »
I received my Hooker N' Heat tape and I really like it!
I would recommend it to anyone, talk about your late night bourbon drinking music.
Very 3-D and enveloping sound, great stuff.

General Discussion / Re: Capitol Audio Fest Rockville MD/D.C Suburb
« on: September 12, 2015, 03:02:21 PM »
Yes people did come in and ask to hear it, Lyn even sang along with the tape.
She sold the tape at the show I believe.

Reel to Reel Tape Machines / Re: Tascam BR-20
« on: September 12, 2015, 02:59:48 PM »
If you want to sell it please email me at [email protected], we can discuss.
I would not need you to go through the hassle of testing it.

General Discussion / Re: Reeltronix takeup reel - wow!
« on: June 29, 2012, 02:33:04 PM »
I'm going to agree 100% with Dan on the Reeltronix reels!
They look cool, they spin smooth as a Vegas roulette wheel and pack the tape quite nicely. I didn't realize how wobbly the stock reels are till I had something like this to compare them to. My customers have been buying them and all are extremely happy with them. Personally I like the mat silver and chrome, looks great on a silver deck and it even looks great on an all white deck. However Patrick makes various colors so if you want something special I wouldn't be surprised if he can make it. Your all black reel sounds great too. I think Patrick deserves some credit for taking something like a take up reel to the Ferrari level! He gets my vote for coolest R2R accessory.

Events / T.H.E. Show Newport June 1-3 2012
« on: May 18, 2012, 12:20:27 PM »
United Home Audio (UHA) will be in room 1023 at the Hilton Hotel teamed up with Von Schweikert Audio and Jolida.
We'll have a new UHA-Q series Phase9 tape deck in all new attire for the show. Hey it's a show so I say let's see something new and have some fun, right? As usual UHA will have the awesome Tape Project Tapes from all three series spinning throughout the show. Gotta love the new selections from Series three.

Jolida will show a new EL-34 based prototype amp and also prototype CD transport DAC (if anyone here cares about DAC's).

Von Schweikert will have the new $26K VR-44 speakers with powered internal subs. That should be great for balancing the bass in those super boomy Hilton Hotel rooms.

If you attend the show please stop by and say hi, I'll be the guy running the music.

The Capital Audiofest concluded yesterday and I thought it was a good show. The Glenview Mansion is a pillared, neoclassical, 19th century home in the 153-acre Rockville Civic Center Park. It was a beautiful venue and I think everyone was impressed not only by the venue but also by the diversity of equipment that was displayed. I was happy to see some enthusiastic Tape Project subscribers there and we even played some requests. The guys did like the "special" tapes that Paul made for me, especially the classical music one. We had two UHA-HQ decks on the big MBL system so I could keep the music going without any lull in the action. Of course we were the only room playing tape so that was quite interesting to everyone, all I can say is it was a good thing we had the biggest room in the mansion, 33x30'. There were times that the room was packed with standing room only, plus it seemed like I was answering questions as fast as I could at times about The Tape Project and tape decks. Someone requested 'Dark Side Of The Moon', of course I had recorded it from an expensive vinyl rig, so I played it at concert level to a packed crowd. Bam, there you have the sound of a $90k vinyl system reproduced from a $10k tape deck, that works. I believe from the last 3 shows I have done, RMAF 2009, CES 2010, CAF, (since I finally finished redesigning my UHA-HQ decks in October 2009) that this tape thing thing is starting to gain some momentum in the audiophile community. The Capital Audiofest clearly had quite a few people who were impressed by the sound of The Tape Project tapes and the versatility of the reel to reel recording capability. It was also surprising how many people knew about The Absolute Sound magazine "Golden Ear Award", many said that's actually how they found out about The Tape Project. 

Sometimes it was hard to get a seat.

What can I say, we have fun at United Home Audio.

General Discussion / Re: Capital AudioFest
« on: May 24, 2010, 04:26:27 PM »
Hi blaupunk,
You bet we will be playing Tape Project tapes!

United Home Audio will have the largest room at the show, the first room to the right as you walk in the Glenview Mansion. We'll also be doing a raffle for a Jolida FX-10 tube amp, ($450) so make sure everyone comes by to enter.

On our large $130,000 MBL system we will have two UHA-HQ R2R tape decks as the source, a Phase4 and the all new Phase6, (we may have a CD player on it but I doubt we will play it). The new Phase6 deck is two models up from the Phase4 that won a "Golden Ear Award" from The Absolute Sound Magazine. So that will be very a very interesting listen.

I will also have tapes I recorded from a $100K vinyl system onto the Phase6 deck.
Not to mention a couple of "0 generation" Master Tapes recorded by Kostas Metaxus directly to a 1/4", 15ips tape.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


General Discussion / Re: Back Handed Compliment
« on: May 06, 2010, 12:35:00 PM »
I hear your point, however I would like to offer the following for consideration.

Out of every component Valin has heard he only gave 3 awards for 2010!
Out of all the equipment in the world there were only 34 awards given by the magazine for 2010.

I say CONGRATULATIONS to The Tape Project, to the UHA-HQ deck (what a shameless plug), and to Jonathan Valin for being brave enough to say what his ears heard.

Jonathan Valin is a prolific listener, I doesn't surprise me one bit that he is a reviewer. I've been out to visit him at his home twice bringing tape decks for him to use in his evaluation of "tape" as a source component. I can tell you that we listened from 10am or 11 am till 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, with only breaks for lunch, dinner, or a quick trip to the local used record store. This was the schedule every day I was there, we either listened to music or tweaked his system. To someone who listens to music like this, having 20 Tape Project tapes isn't that much to listen to. This fall (I believe it is??) when The Tape Project comes out with the next 10 tapes that will help quite a bit.

However, I do believe that having a major reviewer in, (one could say) the best audio magazine in the world, say something as definitive, as absolute, as the quote below is REALLY BIG! In reality Jonathan has put himself on the line here, he has turned away from the music server, high resolution digital download path that other reviewers have safely gone down, to praise Reel to Reel tape! If you want to read how violent some of the comments are regarding this then read this blog, (You may have to copy and paste it to your browser.)

Jonathan Valin
The Absolute Sound Magazine
June/July issue.
"If you have the money and a burning desire to hear how close recorded media can come to the real thing, then buy a UHA-HQ Tascam deck and get a Tape Project Subscription.
Like Jenny when she was just five years old, you won't believe what you heard at all""

Everyone in Washington DC / Baltimore / Philadelphia / New Jersey / Richmond /
take notice of the first Capital Audiofest at the beautiful Glenview Mansion in Rockville MD!

This beautiful large 19th century mansion is a fantastic place to feature some great sound. Audio shows like Rocky Mountain Audiofest or The Consumer Electronics Show take place in hotel rooms for the most part, this will be quite different!

Visit the United Home Audio room and hear The Tape Project tapes played on the UHA-HQ Reel To Reel decks. United Home Audio will be in the large 30' x 33' "Living Room" venue immediately to the right as you walk in the front door. In this large venue the sound of master tapes will be fantastic!

UHA will have two high end MBL systems (yes they are expensive and sound fantastic!) playing reel to reel decks featuring The Tape Project master tapes, plus a few surprises!

The date for this unique and exciting event is set for June 11-13, 2010 at the historic Glenview Mansion located on the grounds of the Rockville Civic Center in Rockville, MD. The venue is approximately 5 minutes from downtown Rockville, MD, 10 miles north of Washington DC and 45 minutes south of Baltimore, MD and has plenty of parking. The Glenview Mansion is a charming historic structure that was constructed in the 19th century by a local family and is surrounded by lovely parkland and well groomed grounds. The structure is very well constructed with stone, brick, plaster, old growth wide-plank hardwood floors and has high ceilings throughout. These qualities are near perfect for the reproduction of music and is a favorite venue for local performances. We believe it to be an ideal setting to hold the first ever hi-fi audio show in the Washington DC Capital area.

For any questions concerning table rentals, room rentals, availability, pricing etc. please contact Gary Gill at [email protected].

We plan to make this a casual fun-filled event for audiophiles, music lovers, music media and audio gear collectors, hobbyists, DIYers, dealers and manufacturers and will have table space, booths and rooms available for use. Families will also enjoy the beautiful park like setting along with great food and beverage. The event is expected to attract those interested in high quality vacuum tube and transistor audio equipment, analog and digital playback sources, buying and selling of LP records and CDs, and manufacturers of audio accessories from the Baltimore - Washington DC Metropolitan Area and beyond. The event will be catered by quality food and beverage vendors and plan to have live musical performances on two evenings as well as an indoor audio swap meet on Sunday AM. We hope to provide something of interest to all music lovers and look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

Friday June 11
7:00AM - 11:00AM: Event Setup
11:00AM - 7:00PM: Event Open
7:30PM - 9:30PM: Music Event
10:00PM Closed (Security Provided)
Saturday June 12
9:00AM - 11:00AM: Event Setup
11:00AM - 7:00PM: Event Open
7:30PM - 9:30PM: Music Event
10:00PM Closed (Security Provided)
Sunday June 13
8:00AM - 11:00AM: Swap Meet
9:00AM - 11:00AM: Event Setup
11:00AM - 6:00PM: Event Open
6:00PM - 9:00PM: Cleanup

Now Advertising in the March issue of Stereophile and on-line with and ! Be sure to link to our site for updates.


Jonathan Valin has again mentioned The Tape Project tapes as the best source he has ever heard!

This newest statement is in his latest blog on web site regarding the new Magneplanar 1.7 speakers.

Quotes from the blog:
"and fed by the best sources I?ve heard?the Walker Proscenium Black Diamond Mk II record player with Da Vinci Reference Grandezza Mk II cartridge and the ?Level 5? United Home Audio TASCAM 15ips, two-track tape deck playing back fabulous second-generation mastertapes from The Tape Project."

"5. Their soundstaging is simply the best I?ve heard from a dipole. With the right source (like The Tape Project?s dub of Reference Recording's Arnold Overtures?horrible music, great sound"

Funny thing, I know many people that have hated the Arnold Overtures on CD but were profoundly amazed by it on The Tape Project tape. It seems like a common statement after hearing the "B" side of the tape is "I have goose bumps".
You know... I think that's what Malcolm intended. 

Picture from the blog, you can even see a Tape Project tape on the tape deck!

STEREOPHILE MAGAZINE: March issue page 17.
Washington DC / Maryland / Virginia
THE STAPLE SINGERS Be Altitude: Respect Yourself

Saturday March 6 and also Saturday March 20
12 noon - 4pm at
United Home Audio
10820 Guilford Road
Suite 209
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701

Hear this fantastic just released Tape Project Master Tape on The UHA-HQ Reel to reel deck with a $100,000 MBL audio system.

This was their fourth Stax album, with the Luther Ingram and Sir Mack Rice composed hit 'Respect Yourself'.
Engineer Jerry Masters recorded at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama, he was going for that jumpy Jamaican, early reggae feel on 'Respect Yourself', I think he got it.

This album also features the soul and reggae flavoured number one smash, 'I'll Take You There', written by Bell on Mavis Staples's living room floor, (with some uncredited input from her).

Hi John,
Thanks for the new post.
Yes we have done quite a bit of work on these decks; I've employed two technicians with a considerable level of  experience to work on these decks. One has even done design work for a major audiophile manufacturer for many years, (one that everyone would know and respect).

The important point is that the UHA-HQ decks are produced with similar expertise and design skill employed by major audiophile manufacturers. Yes we use a Tascam deck for its nice tape path capabilities but Paul is correct the electronics are not all that. So for our higher end decks where we offer a UHA-HQ preamp like the Phase5 or Phase6 decks we use the tape path and the box but that's about it.

Everyone that has heard the deck seems to be impressed, Jonathan Valin from The Absolute Sound magazine wrote, "The very item I (and a lot of other folks) called the best source component at RMAF (and would've named the best source component at CES, if we'd given an award for best source component at CES)".   
Pretty powerful words considering the number of rooms at these shows, RMAF had 470 exhibitors according to their web site and CES had (I have seen) approximately 240 high end audio exhibitors. That's quite a few source components!

However a very important point to remember about this is that during these shows we played primarily The Tape Project tapes. Our primary focus has always been to build a UHA-HQ deck to do justice to the finest source material available in the world today, The Tape Project tapes.

We do not make that statement lightly or without considerable experience in both digital and analog hardware and software. In our retail store United Home Audio we have some of the finest and most expensive audio equipment in the world. Our reference system is pictured below, we do our tape deck listening evaluations on an MBL system that retails for over $300,000 (pictured below). For example just the Tara Labs Zero interconnects are $15,000 per pair.
This system is capable of discerning the slightest and most minute differences in the UHA-HQ preamp designs we have developed over the last two years. We have spent countless hours listening and tweaking the final designs. The Tape Project tapes have been invaluable in this process because of they offered a standard, a base line that was as close to the actual performance as possible. This allowed us to design our decks sound to that absolute.


General Discussion / Re: T-shirts and mousepads and coffee mugs, oh my!
« on: February 04, 2010, 03:20:42 PM »
I ordered a white hat with logo, very cool.
I'll wear it at the shows.

Arnold Overtures / This is what I want my audio to sound like.
« on: February 02, 2010, 08:51:51 PM »
United Home Audio has shown at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 and CES 2010 with R2R tape, so far. For these shows Paul Stubblebine has made us some great compilation tapes of the Series1 and Series2 artists for demo. Now all the tapes are great, but the tape that consistently gets on the deck is the Arnold Overtures. I guess it's the dynamic swings and huge passages of intense three dimensional sound. This is so impressive and considering that you have no more that a fleeting few minutes to impress someone at a show, Arnold Overtures does the job.
So, my professional openion is buy this tape before it's gone! I am going to buy one myself and put it up for prosperity!

Brilliant Corners / Re: Brilliant Corners is a gem!
« on: February 02, 2010, 05:48:42 PM »
At United Home Audio we just received our copy of Brilliant Corners, so I put it on for some guys that had accumulated in the store last Saturday afternoon.
I played it on a prototype UHA Phase6 deck through the MBL amplification and the MBL 111 speakers, (always a crowd pleaser).

The comments were...
"I felt like I was there at the concert"
"The weight and impact of the drums and the splash of the cymbals were spot on"
"The sax was so realistic that when I walked in the door I thought you had a real sax playing down the hall"
"Just unbelievable"
"Play it again"

We ended up playing it three times both tapes, I would say they liked it.
I took it home to listen to.
Don't worry I'll bring it back. 

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