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Hello everyone,

I am a tape newbie; sucked in by 'The Tape Project'. I did the charter subscription thing (mid-30's number) and am in the final stages of purchasing a tape recorder. Although i have heard master tapes played at Audio Shows from time to time and have read and heard a few things about tape i am just guessing about what tapes i should focus on.

I have a very good vinyl set-up (Rockport Sirius III with 7000 Lps) so i am not really intersted in tapes that are going to give me less performance than my Lps.

My impression so far is that the cut-off point where prerecorded tapes might equal or better my vinyl is likely the 50's and early 60's 2-track 7 1/2ips 2-track. Will 4-track tapes give me any more performance than my vinyl? i see lots of attractive 4-track tapes on ebay but so far have passed.

the Tape machines i am considering have 1/4" and 1/2" capabilities; but not that something i should worry about?

i am very excited about getting into tape and appreciate any words of wisdom.



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