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Last weekend I had the good fortune to hang with my dear friends Jacqui Naylor and Art Khu. During a really fun hang we tentatively planned a live recording session at Bottleheadquarters in early October. That date has now been firmed up to December 4th and 5th

This will be the third time that Jacqui and Art have performed at BHQ. Last year we decided at the last minute to record the gig. The show was fabulous, and though the resulting recording was not up to my technical standard in terms of a commercial release it gave me confidence to try again with a better setup. The shows are really fun and very intimate with an audience of just a couple dozen.

I am planning to pull out all the stops this year with a newly acquired Altec 250SU all tube mixing console and if time permits I will finish my Studer A80 and we will record to 1" two track tape, mixed "on the fly".

I will update this as the plan comes together.

If a video of the proceedings can be shot, then we all could experience this landmark event.

>>>an audience of just a couple dozen<<<
How does one get THIS 'blessing'? I missed the NW Audio Society gig due to travel...

Very easy, you simply buy a ticket when they become available. We will announce that. Due to various scheduling conflicts we have tentatively bumped the date of the session to December 4th.

That console looks cool (love that Altec green).
From a quick google, looks like 10 In?
Guessing there are a few transformer mic inputs among those?


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