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Tape discussion at Axpona 2016, Friday April 15th, 3:15-4:15

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Tape: The Format Of The Future (with a short history of its Glorious Past)

Chad Kassem, Acoustic Sounds
Paul Stubblebine, The Tape Project
Chris Mara, Welcome to 1979
Dan Labrie, ATR Service and ATR Magnetics
Myles Astor, Journalist

Meet pros who are directly involved in the Tape Renaissance

Find out how easy it can be to have a studio quality tape machine playing back Master Tape Copies in your listening room.

How to get the most out of the format, making sure your tape machine is operating at its best.

I don't see this on the schedule. Can you tell us the room, time and dates?

High and Outside:
The time and date are both in the subject of Doc's post. The Axpona website doesn't mention what room it's in. I'll just have to figure it out when I get there.

Chris Mara has a cool operation in Nashville. I have a MCI JH-24 1' 8-Track "Mara Machine", a JH-110 1/2" 4-Track and I'm waiting delivery of a JH-110 1/2" 2-Track mastering machine.

I went to Nashville in 2013 to pick up the first Mara Machine (1/2" 4-Track) and while I was there I attended a Recording Summit at Welcome To 1979. Chris is a very good speaker, teacher, engineer and the '79 recording studio is really something to see if you have a chance.

I hope to go to one of their Tape Camps this fall.

Ray Satcher

So PICTURES! would be nice.


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