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Reel Tape Workshop in Berkely, CA April 25


High and Outside:
We are going to be taking part in a Reel Tape Workshop on April 25th. This consists primarily of a training that ATR Service Corp. has been presenting a couple of times per year at their York, PA headquarters. They have held it in other locations, but for several years it has not been presented on the West Coast. We can thank Tim Marutani and Nick Doshi for sponsoring the event and getting them out west again.

It's a day-long workshop that covers the basics on the technology of tape machines, and a thorough explanation of alignment, with practical demonstrations that all participants may take part in. We will also have a visit from Greg Orton, owner of Flux Magnetics, and possibly other surprise treats.

ATR Service Corp. is one of the key technical resources we rely on to keep all our machines running properly. They have been involved on the pro side for over three decades. Now they are providing support for the high end playback market as well. They work on Ampex ATR's, as their name implies, but they work on all brands of studio machines. The information presented in the workshop will apply to any brand of machine.

Tape Project co-founder Michael Romanowski is providing the venue: his mastering lab located within the Fantasy Studios complex in Berkeley, CA. After the workshop there will be time for some music listening in Michael's main room.

The cost to attend is $500. For more information, or to sign up, you may contact Tim Marutani at (510) 652-1911 or Nick Doshi at   


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