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Listening Impressions-Doc & Merle Watson


High and Outside:
Doc & Merle Watson, live at The Boarding House, San Francisco, May 2, 1974.

Share your impressions. And your recollections, if you happened to be at the show.

High and Outside:
The album has been shipped to all charter subscribers, and is now in stock. You way order it from the website.

Is there anyway to list song titles?

High and Outside:
Here you go:

Reel One

1.  Wabash Cannonball             
2.  Leather Britches               
3.  A Rovin' On A Winter's Night     
4.  Tennessee Stud               
5.  Black Mountain Rag       
6.  St. James Infirmary             
7.  Love Me                       
8.  Blue Suede Shoes             
9.  Sweet Georgia Brown       
10.  Lonesome Moan                 
11.  Clouds Gwine Roll Away   

Reel Two
1.  Three Times Seven             
2.  Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia     
3.  Poor Boy Blues               
4.  Nancy Rowland/Salt Creek       
5.  Alberta                       
6.  Movin' On                     
7.  Smoke Smoke Smoke             
8.  Walk On Boy                   
9.  Nothin' To It                 
10.  Blue Railroad Train           
11.  Brown's Ferry Blues           
12.  Beaumont Rag     


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