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Breaking our own rule

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I think I've said it before but you guys rock!

This thread shows why being a TP suscriber is, as Doc said, an investment instead of a simple (and enjoyable) expense. Keep up with the good work!

While my profile may indicate a newbie, I am an old hand at this as a prior iteration.
I forgot my password so many times the program presumed I was daft or one of the undead.
Neither one was true.  I am reimagined.
Steve do you remember the movie Mr. Jordan?

Now for the Ronstadt title.
I learned about the disappointment of the owners of the TTP as did everyone else.
I do not ascribe blame to anyone involved in this transaction except perhaps for the folks at Capitol and the apparent vagaries of the licensing process.
That being said, my interest in the TTP was analog only and master tape sources.  The linkage is intentional.
As far as I am concerned, if the linkage cannot be realized the title scrubs; no exceptions.

In this instance, the truth became realized after the deal was done.
In the future I would hope that as a lesson learned, the TTP owners would make a condition of their licensing that the master tape was available and if not the deal was void; money refunded.
I think this is a reasonable expectation based upon TTP criteria.

No title is more important than the criteria, unless the criteria is altered in advance.
That's my take.



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