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the first album!

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Here's some images of the very first album to leave the Tape Shed -

Here's a pic of the cool reel with our custom cutouts, Tape Project logo silkscreen, and custom CNC engraved catalog number and serial number, along with the pigmented ink on double sided clay coated paper "giclee" cover art sheet.

Here's an image of the slipcover and the two reel boxes. Note the sexy cutout that lets the logo from the reel box show through, and the custom printed gold foil spine labels, one with a thumbnail image of the cover for easy identification on the media shelf, and one with the catalog and serial numbers. Imagine ten of these babies lined up in your listening room...

Here's a detail shot of the engraving and the backside of the cover art. The leather grain texture and gold foil embossing of the paper on the boxes is quite elegant. I'm afraid this image doesn't do justice to the engraving. I will post a higher res image when I get a chance.

Congratulations on your first born ;-))

That really is a beautiful presentation! A great job!!


Wow! Can't wait to start receiving my tapes.



nice to see and hopefully hearing soon the long awaited first tape looking great.

mitropulos from Germany

Just fantastic! From looks of it, the presentation should raise the bar of any audio release yet! Congratulations. You deserve to be very proud of what you guys have pulled off in what really was a short time.


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