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TP-001. Has anyone received it yet?

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Mine has a scheduled delivery for tomorrow BUT I won't pick my tapes from my inlaws' in CA until christmas and won't be back home this year so please keep your impressions coming!

Yes, please let us know when they start arriving, and please don't hesitate to e-mail me if there were any issues in packing, etc. We did a fair amount of experimentation to get to what we felt was a secure way to package the tapes. Hopefully what we came up with will prove to be satisfactory.

And of course it would be very nice to see some listening impressions posted too...

OK...As of today... right now as a matter fact, we have completed shipment of all of TP-001 . Charter and Selective subscribers.  Yee Friggin Haw.( Yes I guess I do talk like that sometimes, Dan )  They should be arriving in their appointed destinations within days in the states, a little longer for those in far away places. So find a nice Cab or a smokey single malt, comfy chair, get ready to turn off the phone and put the dog out....

TP-002 is now in production and they should be hitting the big brown trucks round Monday.

More to come.

Thanks again everyone for all of your patience while we worked out the system to get you the very best.


Mine arrived today. I am in the SF Bay area, so it is a short hop. The packaging looks fabulous. Can't wait until I have the machine to play it.  Larry

Mmm! Huh,.. did someone say something! Oh Yeah,.. I am listening to it right now. Talk about engaging! Nice job Romo. I think this is the mixing/mastering equivalent to the fear that TV stars had about close-ups when they caught wind of what HD TV was capable of. That's if you can stop tapping your foot long enough to listen into the mix. This sounds so good that it's hard not to be transported to the Camillia room. I was thinking that it might sound better than the demo tape but maybe it's more of a matter of getting the intent of the album and the mood of the players. The comments at the end of the cuts are wonderful. I don't know if they're on the cd but I'm a real sucker for this kind of thing.
The package came in perfect condition. The engraving looks mighty nice and I love the foil edge art. The pictures don't do justice to the package as a whole.
Michaels right though. I wouldn't put a $30 rib eye on the grill and figure that you'll listen to just one cut. You can forget about that! You won't want it to ever end!
Thanks guys,.. we're doin' the antler dance tonight!


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