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Jacqui Naylor - Number White mixing session photos


Thought folks might get a kick out of a shot of the boys in the office. This is Michael at the Neve V3, mixing Jacqui Naylor's The Number White, with Paul in the foreground tweaking some faders for the reverb being generated in the live room, which was set up as an echo chamber during the mixing session.

I must shamefully admit that I'm posting a photo here that is lacking in tape machines only because of my lack of forethought. There is a Studer 827 controller hidden behind Paul, and Paul's 1" ATR is out of frame to the left. Duoh!

Here's a detail shot of the echo chamber setup: two pairs of Meyer HD-1 monitors, stacked, splayed, and firing into the control room glass with several hard surfaces arrayed around them. Back in the middle/rear of the room are two stereo mic trees. Headphone talkback allowed the guys to direct me from the control room as I moved the mic trees to the sweet spots.

It was loud in there.

This pulled back shot gives a little better sense of the size of the space used to develop the echo. This Bill Putnam designed room at Coast Recorders just sounds sooo good.



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