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Thanks, Doc. Very interesting info. Say, do you guys have plans to do more original material for the Tape Project?

Was a large part of it done with everyone in the studio playing live at the same time?
Personal opinion here, but it seems as if something magic happens when that is the case as opposed to each part being tracked on it's own.

Well, if Doc won't do it, I guess I will.
Here's a link to some pictures from his birthday party/recording session. Nice pictures of Paul, Michael, PJ, Eileen and the rest of the Bottlehead family.
Hey, I never noticed the picture with Mikey in there before.
Mike Paschetto builds some nice stuff BTW. http://www.progressive-engineering.com/turntable_news.htm

Well I bought the Number White since I sorta could see the titles on the back of the cover.  So does live recording raise or decrease the price of tapes? :)
Well this brings back the idea is that great music is from people with talent both
in recording, singing and playing music.

I stand corrected it was a U67 and M47 on the piano. Thanks for the link, Steve, I forgot about that page.

To TomR, yes we hope to do one of our own recordings in each series. We have blast doing it, access to the best live room in San Francisco, and a couple of ideas for killer sessions in development.

Steveidosound, yes, some of the tracks, like Here's to Life, are straight takes. At the very least all other tracks were with all four artists playing in the tracking session. Obviously with Art playing three or four instruments in some tracks, those tracks had overdubs. Ditto with Josh on conga and bongos. I completely agree that getting the band to play together, and even better with an audience like was provided at my b'day party, you get the best out of the artists.

To Ben, oh yeah, if we did a session with the intention of only putting it out for TP subscribers the tapes would cost a fortune. Many tracks from The Number White session were also used on The Color Five CD, with different mixes. We recorded on tape and digital at the same time, so The Number White is from the tape and The Color Five CD is from the digitally recorded files.


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