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I am curious as to the levels other people are seeing on the Waltz for Debby tapes.  With the output level controls set on my Otari MX-55 approximately to the 1:00 position, my corresponding VU meter output levels are fairly low.  The tapes sound great-so I am not complaining.  I am just wondering if people are seeing low output on their VU meters and if not, how loud do you have your output level control set?  Thanks.


I'm curious as well (as to the operating level of TP tapes)

You need to put any output level control on your deck to the calibrate position.  Often it's 3 o'clock and there is a mark at that spot.

Also, you need to know what flux level 0VU was set to on your deck.  There is no rigid standard, BTW.

There are 4 operating levels used for VU meters:

+3        =250nWb/m
+6        =355nWb/m
+9        =500nWb/m

Two examples:   0VU on your deck is set for 250 nW/meter

If, on this deck, TP tapes max out at zero VU, then TP uses a +3 operating level.  If meters max out at +3VU, then the tape has a +6 operating level.

                        0VU on your deck is set for 355nWb/m

If, on this deck, TP tapes max out at -6 VU, then TP uses a standard operating level


I was told by the TP to set the level to 250nw and I did.

Your output level control needs to be set to it's CAL position (whatever that is).

If it's 3 o'clock, then it needed to be exactly set there when you set your meter calibration to zero (when playing back your 250 nWb/m test tape).

It also needs to be set there when playing back the TP tapes if you wish to determine what recording/operating level they used.

Tim-my basic question has gone unanswered.  My question is, what levels are other people seeing when they play back Waltz for Debby?  The levels seem very low to me and I wanted to know if other people are experiencing the same thing or not.  I played the Robert Cray tape last night and the levels are much hotter on that tape.  And again, I think Waltz for Debbie sounds great.


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