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got a ship notice from UPS today. I can only assume it's for TP013. Thanks guys!!!!

I broke from our tradition of shipping in serial number order, and sent yours out first, Joe. Thanks so much for the loan of the original cover. More TP-013s will be shipping in the coming weeks.

just got my shipping notice from The Tape Project for a delivery tomorow; i assume it is for 'Brilliant Corners'. based on my listen to samples from 'BC' at Docs and in Philip O'Hanlon's room at RMAF i'm pretty stoked to hear it in room.

i'll listen to the 45rpm pressing tonight to wet my appetite.


Yup, it's the Monk. We got just a few out today, with more shipping as soon as some paper arrives for printing the artwork.

"Brilliant Corners" is indeed brilliant!! Mine arrived about 1 hour ago, and it's spinning as I write this. Dead true to the LP, with so much more body and weight, especially in the drums. Another home run guys! Right away, I can tell this one is going to spend a lot of time mounted on the deck.

The artwork looks pretty good too ;)


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